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What makes a mutual company different from other companies?

A mutual company is a collective enterprise whose members, known as mutualists, come together to insure and protect themselves against certain risks like accidents and illness.  The members are joint owners and users. They participate in their mutual company’s democratic process and ensure the surpluses are shared fairly and appropriately. Mutualism is a modern and sustainable business model that exists all over the world. Mutual companies demonstrate democracy and engage and empower individuals while fostering a community spirit. They are also business oriented and a successful business model.

What are the new entity’s plans outside Quebec?

We want to become a major player in Canada’s insurance industry. A successful company that retains strong mutualist values and that our members, clients, employees, and partners can count on.

Where does this merger put you in the Quebec and Canadian market?

The new company becomes the 1st group insurer in Quebec and the 4th in Canada. It ranks 3rd in Québec in general insurance and 13th in Canada. It becomes the 4th largest individual insurance company in Québec and the 6th largest individual insurance company in Canada.  In addition, it holds an enviable position in savings with a 7th position in Canada in segregated funds.

Why have La Capitale and SSQ Insurance decided to merge? What are the advantages?

The merge will help both companies to compete with the biggest names in a rapidly changing industry and strengthen Quebec’s expertise in the insurance industry while maintaining a key head office here in Quebec City.

In addition, our companies complement each other well and are of a similar size. We’re convinced that together we’ll be able to offer a unique client experience and become a top employer in Quebec and across Canada.

New company

How many employees will the new company have? What are your predictions after one year? After five years?

The new company has 4,700 employees. The goal is to sustain the company’s growth.

Who will be on the new company’s board of directors?

The list of the company's board of directors is available here.

Who will be the head of the new company?

The list of members of the leadership team is available here.

Where will the new head office be?

The head office will be in Quebec City. The specific location has yet to be determined.

What will the new company be called?

The identity of the new company will be launched during fall.

Changes and impacts

What will happen with the data about the clients and members of each company?

Protecting our members’, clients’ and employees’ data is a priority. The new company is making every effort to keep their data safe.  

Will the merger force you to drop certain products or services?

The services we offer are complementary. Our goal is to expand our range of products and services.

Will the merger make the insurance market less competitive and result in higher prices?

No, because La Capitale Insurance and Financial Services and SSQ Insurance's markets are highly complementary. One of the goals of the merger is to offer more to our members and clients, with a client experience that is second to none.

Will there be a financial impact for members and clients?

All policies remain valid and unchanged. There are no changes for our members and clients. We will keep them up to date throughout the process.

How will the merger affect the everyday experience of members and clients?

For now, there are no changes for our members and clients. All insurance contracts will be honored. Clients will be kept informed throughout the process.

With this merger of equals, we will offer our clients an experience and products that are closer and closer in line with their needs.

What will happen to employees?

For now, there are no changes for our employees. The merger of equals of La Capitale and SSQ Insurance will be gradual and harmonious over the next three years.